Moving from ProStores to Magento

Ebay has announced they will be discontinuing ProStores on February 1st, 2015. Nobody has more experience with both ProStores and Magento. We are uniquely qualified to help upgrade your site to the worlds #1 ecommerce platform.

Transferring from ProStores to Magento is easy
We can help you transfer your ProStores data to your new Magento store
Transfer products from ProStores to Magento Products
Transfer categories from ProStores to Magento Categories
Transfer customers from ProStores to Magento Customers
Transfer orders from ProStores to Magento Orders
Transfer ProStores design to Magento Design
Set up your Ebay integration on Magento Ebay Integration
Maintain your SEO on Magento SEO
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ProStores was a good platform for many years, but it hasn't kept pace with rapidly advancing technologies. Magento CE is open source, free to download, customize and use for as long as you want. Nobody can ever take it away from you. Here are just a few other advantages that Magento has over ProStores:

Feature Rich

Magento is packed with built-in features than can accommodate for most business needs.


Magento is the world's most popular ecommerce platform. This makes finding information very easy, there are endless amounts of discussions / tutorials / documentation that can be found with a simple Google search.

SEO Friendly

Magento has incorporated SEO best practices and gives you control to tune your site however you see fit.

Why Magento is better

Mobile Ready

Magento's new default theme looks great right out of the box, it has been built using modern features and architecture and is fully responsive and mobile ready.

Market Place (App Store)

The Magento market place gives you access to thousands of extensions and themes that can add functionality and style to your site instantly.


Magento has been engineered to handle heavy lifting on high traffic websites. Where other ecommerce platforms choke, Magento can be configured to handle the load.

And So Much More...


We design, develop, host, and support both ProStores and Magento. All of the knowlege and capability you need is right here under one roof.

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Here are some of the benefits that neoverve can offer:
  • We have certified ProStores and Magento designers on hand
  • We are both a ProStores and Magento hosting partner
  • Our primary focus has been on ecommerce for over 10 years
  • We offer both ProStores and Magento support
  • We have built a migration tool to move your most important store data
  • Competetive pricing
We have experience migrating our clients from ProStores to Magento

Here are a few examples:

Tribal Hollywood
Tribal Hollywood

Tribal Hollywood offers cool and unique men's jewelry in a variety of materials. 

Shamans Market
Shamans Market
Aunt Mahalia
Aunt Mahalia