Why SaaS is Risky for Ecommerce

08.8.17 Published by

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – Churchill

Technology changes so rapidly these days that sometimes it’s easy to forget even our recent history. Let me tell you how thousands of merchants, including hundreds of my own clients, were evicted by a tech giant and explain why the same danger exists today with SaaS (software as a service) providers like Shopify and BigCommerce.

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Security Announcement – Zend Library Vulnerability

02.8.17 Published by

Magento has released a security patch that fixes a Zend Framework vulnerability in the following versions of Magento:

  • Enterprise Edition SUPEE-9652 or upgrade to Enterprise Edition
  • Community Edition SUPEE-9652 or upgrade to Community Edition

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Google Rolls Out a New Penalty for Mobile Popup

01.20.17 Published by

Google Penalty for Mobile Popup Image

Google has ramped up their search engine regulations for web and mobile standards with another penalty for those who do not follow their best practices. If you are reading this now, the Google intrusive mobile interstitials penalty has already gone live, so you’ll want to read up to ensure your site does not get unknowingly hit with a penalty and impact your hard earned search engine ranking position (SERP)

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Announcing Magento Update v2.1.3 Released Today

12.15.16 Published by

Magento 2.1.3 Release Banner

Magento 2 improves performance and product quality while enhancing the user experience

It has been a year since Magento 2 was released. Many bugs and quirks have been ironed out. Now we are starting to see some new features, enhancements and attention to details. This latest Magento update has improvements throughout the platform designed to reduce points of friction for both shoppers and merchants and is supported by all our Magento Hosting plans. Here are some highlights.

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E-commerce Marketing Ideas – July 2016

06.16.16 Published by


E-commerce Marketing Ideas for July 2016

July is right around the corner.

Here at Neoverve, we can’t wait for the warm summer nights, hanging out by the water, and BBQing! The days are getting hotter as summer approaches quickly so why not heat up your marketing efforts with some great July promotions that will have your business fired up and ready for summer.

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Security Announcement – Braintree Payment extension prone to attack from Credit Card Stealer

06.6.16 Published by


Our good friends at Sucuri Security discovered a vulnerability targeting Magento sites with the Braintree Payments extension installed.

Braintree Payments, is a web payment system for ecommerce companies. What makes Braintree a popular choice for merchant is it’s easy integration, vast payment method options, simple pricing, and great support. Magento merchants would need to integrate the Braintree Payments extension to handle payment transaction via their Brandtree account.


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Security Announcement – JavaScript malware exploit

11.17.15 Published by

Last evening Magento released another security announcement. Attackers appear to be targeting Magento sites that were not patched for the Shoplift bug reported back in February 2015. All Neoverve hosted Magento sites were patched for the Shoplift bug by us at that time. New client sites were patched upon migration and or implementation.

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Magento 2 is Finally Available

11.17.15 Published by

Magento 2 is Finally Here Banner

Today Magento announced the general availability of Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 and Magento Community Edition 2.0. It is being touted as the next generation open source digital commerce platform.

We agree! We’ve been following the development of Magento 2 for well over a year and working with early releases of the platform.  As of today, all Neoverve Magento Hosting plans support version 2.0. Magento 2 is a significant leap forward and will enable brands, retailers, and businesses (B2C and B2B) to more quickly and cost-effectively deliver incredible ecommerce experiences. Magento 2 offers enhanced performance and scalability and new features to increase conversions and improve productivity. It remains a fully open source platform with an unhindered ability to be customized and extended.

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What to expect from Magento Security Patch SUPEE-6788

10.27.15 Published by

Magento will release a new security patch (SUPEE-6788) on Tuesday October 27, 2015. It is the sixth Magento security patch released this year. As we are preparing for its release, some Neoverve clients have been asking questions regarding the increase in security vulnerabilities over the past couple years and wondering how this security patch might impact their site.  

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