Announcing Magento Update v2.1.3 Released Today

12.15.16 Published by

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Magento 2 improves performance and product quality while enhancing the user experience

It has been a year since Magento 2 was released. Many bugs and quirks have been ironed out. Now we are starting to see some new features, enhancements and attention to details. This latest Magento update has improvements throughout the platform designed to reduce points of friction for both shoppers and merchants and is supported by all our Magento Hosting plans. Here are some highlights.

Braintree and PayPal improvements:

  • New payment functionality for PayPal and Braintree to streamline purchases and business processes.
  • Customers can save their PayPal account as a payment option to bypass entering their PayPal ID and password in future checkouts.
  • Unregistered customers can reorder without having to re-enter their credit card information.
  • Merchants can now bill the last payment method used during a guest checkout.
  • Reduce chargebacks and support calls by customizing the business name, phone number and URL that appear on credit card statements for websites using Braintree.
  • Protect from shipping products to high-risk customers with a new process that requires you to confirm the Braintree risk decision before proceeding with an order.

Performance and Feature Improvements:

  • SQL media queries have been optimized to boost storefront performance and compilation and static asset creation is faster.
  • Managing configurable products with hundreds of variations in the Admin is also much faster.
  • Configurable product management improvements.
  • CSV file importing and exporting is faster.

View the many additional fixes and enhancements in the release notes.

Contact us with questions about upgrading to Magento 2 and view our Magento 2 hosting plans.


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