Security Announcement – Zend Library Vulnerability

02.8.17 Published by

Magento has released a security patch that fixes a Zend Framework vulnerability in the following versions of Magento:

  • Enterprise Edition SUPEE-9652 or upgrade to Enterprise Edition
  • Community Edition SUPEE-9652 or upgrade to Community Edition

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Security Announcement – Braintree Payment extension prone to attack from Credit Card Stealer

06.6.16 Published by


Our good friends at Sucuri Security discovered a vulnerability targeting Magento sites with the Braintree Payments extension installed.

Braintree Payments, is a web payment system for ecommerce companies. What makes Braintree a popular choice for merchant is it’s easy integration, vast payment method options, simple pricing, and great support. Magento merchants would need to integrate the Braintree Payments extension to handle payment transaction via their Brandtree account.


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