E-commerce Marketing Ideas – July 2016

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E-commerce Marketing Ideas for July 2016

July is right around the corner.

Here at Neoverve, we can’t wait for the warm summer nights, hanging out by the water, and BBQing! The days are getting hotter as summer approaches quickly so why not heat up your marketing efforts with some great July promotions that will have your business fired up and ready for summer.

1. Shark Week (June 19 – July 3)

Although this year’s Shark week TV programming starts earlier in June and bleeds into July, it’s still a fun two weeks of shark-based programming brought to you by the Discovery Channel. This scary-fun series has grown in popularity over the last 28 years and has become a classic hit series for summer television programming. Businesses can also partake with shark week specials offering “Killer” deals from June 19 – July 3. Make a splash with content to promote the week of predatory extravaganza.

2. Independence Day (July 4)

Undoubtedly the biggest event of the month is the 4th of July. Businesses can get behind this proud holiday and show their American pride.

Celebrate your patriotism with ideas that include:
– Holiday discount and marketing promotion – This is a great time to hold sales or promotions during this time of year. Celebrate a July 4th special with discounts and deals for customers.

– Show patriotism on social media – Celebrate our country and be present online with pictures of the company, employees, or even customers enjoying independence day. People love to see others sharing and celebrating American spirit. Content marketing has become a hot trend and people like to see and share relatable experiences.

– Put the focus on fun consumer experiences – Independence Day has been an American celebration. Take this opportunity to highlight the experiences your customers are having on the fourth of July.

3. Summer Olympic Trials (July 8- 10)

In August, comes the world’s largest sporting spectacle, the Summer Olympic Games. The Olympic games are divided into a summer and winter game, switching off every 2 years. With over 10,000 athletes partake in the summer event alone, this is a special event businesses do not want to miss. When the Summer Olympics took place in London 2012, Google Trends saw searches for Olympic-related topics rise nearly 100 fold.

This is a good time takes advantage of this year’s eventful Olympic hype as fans not only gear up to watch the event, but will be searching for information about the athletes and sports participating in the Summer Olympics 2016. “If your aim is to reach a broad audience with your games-related messaging, you’ll be limiting your reach if you only target sports fans. It’s not just sports fans who tune into the games. More than 1 in 3 people who say they rarely or never watch sports content, report that they plan to watch the Summer Games.”  According to Google Consumer Survey, U.S., Apr. 2016

Since the event is scheduled in August, it is a good idea to be pushing out content and promotions the month before and rally up for the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

4. Get to Know Your Customers Day (July 21)

As any good business knows that you should be making an effort everyday to connect with your customer, there is a special day dedicated for doing that! Get to Know Your Customers Day is observed annually on the third Thursday of each quarter (January, April, July, October). This coming month is another quarter to show your customers some love and appreciation.

Show some love with a few of these ideas:
– Discounts and specials through email newsletters – One of the easiest ways of letting your customers know is to offer a special discount or promotion, just for them! These are the customers who are subscribed to email newsletters, who look forward to what your business has to offer or say. Surprise them with a heartfelt note that expresses your gratitude for them, and offer a special discount catered to them.

– Reward your fans and followers on social media – Those who have liked your page on Facebook or follow your online presence are fans of your company. Take a moment to thank them, or even offer a special FB/Twitter/Instagram code for a discount. Offer a product giveaway contest to a lucky fan. Make sure to include tagging and hashtags requirements to get the word out to others about your contest.

Other ways to get to know or appreciate your customers:
– Raffles & Other Giveaways
– Customer Loyalty Program


Have an interesting idea you’d like to share for the month of July? Let us know!


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