Magento Shared Hosting

High-End Magento Hosting Made Affordable

Magento was initially created to be hosted on dedicated servers. For large, busy and highly customized stores, that's our recommendation.  But if done properly, there is no reason why a modest sized shop, site under development or small business just starting out can't be hosted on a shared server. A special version of our FASTACK OS ™ is specifically optimized for Magento shared hosting. Call for details.

Shared Magento hosting enables smaller merchants to host their ecommerce site on the world's number one e-commerce platform at an affordable price by sharing a server with other similarly sized sites.  Just like our dedicated Magento servers, we fully manage and performance tune the environment to ensure the server is always  secure and running smoothly.

Neoverve Private Cloud

Hosting plans are available for both Magento 2.x or 1.x
Powered by FASTACK OS ™ 

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Performance Optimizations

Server Optimization

We proactively monitor and optimize our Magento dedicated servers and operating systems for speed and reliability.


The heart of FASTACK OS ™, Linux is tuned specifically for Magento dedicated server performance and security.

Apache or Nginx

Light-weight server resource utilization and the ability to scale makes Nginx the webserver choice for Magento servers.

Percona Database

Percona performance improvements over standard MySQL are particularly beneficial to Magento Servers.

PHP 7 - Magento 2.0

The fastest PHP to date greatly accelerates Magento 2.x performance while consuming less server memory.

PHP 5.x - Magento 1.x

For Magento dedicated servers powering version 1.x sites, PHP 5.x is highly tuned and further benefits from PHP-FPM and APC Cache.

Redis Cache

An advanced key-value store that can optionally be used on Magento servers for back end and session storage.

Full Page Cache

Available on Magento dedicated server plans, FASTACK OS ™ caches full pages to relieve server resources and boost performance.

Shared Magento hosting enables smaller merchants to power their ecommerce site using the world's number one e-commerce platform at an affordable price. Just like our dedicated Magento servers, we fully manage shared hosting environments to ensure the server is secure and Magento is fast.

Key Features

Magento Pre-installed

We’ll install the newest Magento 2 Community Edition and configure dedicated server access for developers and admins.

Full Server Management

We’ll fully manage your Magento dedicated server and connectivity to the Internet to keep your site up and running smoothly

Backed by SLA

We guarantee our Magento dedicated servers and network will be up and running 99.95% of the time or better.

Migration Assistance

Our professional migration assistance is carefully orchestrated to minimize down time and avoid issues.

No Setup Fees

We'll work with first time customers to configure a Magento dedicated server how you specifically need it.

DNS Hosting

Use our reliable DNS servers and we’ll manage and support whatever configurations are required.

SSL Support

We support SSL certificates from all the major providers like Verisign, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL.

Dedicated IP Address

Each account includes an IP Address which is required to secure your site with an SSL Certificate.

SSH Access

Command line protocol for developers to customize Magento source code, install extensions and more.

Secure FTP

An easy to use protocol for developers to safely transfer files to and from your Magento dedicated server.


We’ll host your email on your Magento server too. Easily configure accounts via our light weight hosting control panel.

Squirrel Mail

Squirrelmail is a simple webmail system allowing you to access your email from any connected computer.

SPAM Filtering

Prevent spam from reaching your incoming email box with user configurable rules.

Control Panel

Fast and light our control panel won’t slow down your Magento dedicated server. Just the tools you need and nothing more.

Add-on Domains

Add domains or sub-domains for multiple websites or storefronts sharing the same Magento Admin back end.

Nightly Server Backups

We backup dedicated servers nightly and keep six-days of backup files on hand just in case.

PCI Compliant

Our data center, servers and hosting accounts are provisioned in a PCI-DSS compliant manner.

Server Patching

We monitor and patch FASTack OS™ when security vulnerabilities are discovered.

Intrusion Detection

We monitor login traffic to detect and prevent server intrusions to keep critical data safe.

Uptime Monitoring

We monitor dedicated servers and critical services for uptime with redundant automated alert systems.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone at Neoverve for being such great partners. You are professional, responsive and it feels as if you truly have our backs.


Thank you all for your tremendous effort... Your determination to achieve the best representation for our products and best customer experience is very appreciated.


We can't say enough good things about the Neoverve team.


Neoverve has helped me build an online store that is attractive and easy for customers to navigate. Likewise, they've helped us streamline our ability to process orders and get our products to customers quickly and efficiently.


We would like to thank Neoverve for helping us launch our brand to the world.


Hosting Add-ons

Cloudflare CDN

Deliver static content from a networked edge server close to your visitors for faster page load times.

PCI Scanning Service

Quarterly PCI server scanning and reporting to satisfy your PCI compliance requirements.

Disaster Recovery

An optional service customized for your specific needs and budget for off-site disaster recovery.

Agency Services

Professional services for projects, developer support and Magento application issues.


Data Center

A revolutionary designed "green" co-location data center only minutes from our San Diego sales and operations office.

High Availability

High-Availability is guaranteed with VMware ESXi  and multiple host machines with SAN storage.

Multi-homed Bandwidth

Premium 100GB national network of seven tier-1 backbones for blazing speeds and global reach.

24/7 On-site Technicians

Sleep comfortably knowing we are watching and working to keep the network and servers running smoothly.

Dell Enterprise Servers

Only the highest quality hardware is used for the ultimate in reliability and performance.

SSD Cache SAN Storage

Engineered for speed and affordability our storage area network caches data reliant on fast I/O using SSD.


Ultra-secure facility with 24/7 armed guards, HD cameras and bio-metric scanners at all access points.

Firewall & DDoS

Traffic anomalies and attacks are detected and mitigated at the data center firewall.


Other Managed Hosting Plans & Services

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